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Rent Portable Storage Units

Portable storage containers are popular because they are versatile, convenient and affordable. You can choose from many different sizes and you have the option to store things on your own property or in an off site warehouse. Below is a guide of the the options you can choose from when it comes to portable storage unit rentals.

On Site Portable Storage Units

portable storage units
  • How it works: once you place an order for a portable storage unit it's delivered to your home or business and kept there until you no longer need it.
  • Advantages: 24 hour access to your things and it's the cheapest way to store your things.
  • Disadvantages: if you don't have room on your property then this isn't a viable option.
  • Sizes: 10'-40' Long by 8' wide.
  • Prices: $75-$150 for a 1 month rental.

Climate Controlled Warehouse Storage Units

warehouse storage units
  • How it works: portable storage units are delivered to your home or business and you fill them up at your own convenience. Once you have filled the unit just call the company and they will take it to their climate controlled facility for storage.
  • Advantages: convenient, affordable, saves space by storing off site.
  • Disadvantages: you don't have access to your things while stored in a warehouse.
  • Sizes: 10', 12', 16', and sometimes 20' Long by 8' Wide.
  • Prices: $100-$175