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Mobile Storage — The More Flexible Storage Option

Mobile storage is the fastest growing segment in the storage industry, and for good reason. While traditional storage operators serve their niche well, if you need to access your belongings very often it just becomes too inconvenient. Also, if you need to store equipment on a job site, only mobile storage containers will do.

Mobile Storage Prices:

Mobile storage container sizes vary from roughly 8 ft. (usually wooden, plastic or combo materials) to the 20 and 40 foot larger units (made of corrugated steel). Mobile storage prices vary based on a few factors including seasonality, length of rental, how many mobile storage units you rent, and your location in relation to the nearest depot. In most major metros, you can expect to spend $80 to $120 per month for smaller units, and $100 to $150 for larger units. Daily rentals are available but when delivery charges are calculated in, the daily rate is quite a bit higher than longer term rental.

Always remember to negotiate with a mobile storage company before committing to a particular provider. Do you have multiple projects throughout the year? Need multiple containers or need mobile storage for over 6 months? These are the type of things you should use as bargaining chips after you receive your first price quote for mobile storage.

Secure Mobile Storage Units:

You might not worry too much about how secure your mobile storage unit is if you are only storing some old furniture for a few weeks in front of your home. A simple 'PODS' type of container made of wood, or wood/plastic with metal framing might be adequate. However, most contractors, farmers and other businesses storing inventory worth thousands of dollars need to ensure the safety of their valuables. All steel mobile storage units are widely available, and they are virtually all converted from old ocean containers no longer in use. Their steel frame provides obvious security advantages, and they can easily have their door locks upgraded as well to block standard lock cutters you can buy at home improvement stores.