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Mobile Offices and Storage Containers in Boise, Idaho

Storage Container Depot is the top source for storage containers and mobile offices in Boise, ID. can help you quickly find the top suppliers of portable storage containers in Boise, Idaho, making it easy to compare prices and save.

Boise Storage Containers

storage container Boise, ID
  • Types/Uses: cargo containers, on-site storage, inventory/equipment storage, shipping containers.
  • Sizes: 10', 20' and 40' Long by 8' and 10' Wide.
  • Typical Prices: $ 85-175 per month.

Boise Mobile Offices

mobile office Boise, ID
  • Types/Uses: mobile office trailers, sales offices, security offices, construction trailers.
  • Sizes: 8'-24' Wide to 20'-64' Long.
  • Typical Prices: $ 150-375 per month.

Boise Portable Storage

portable storage Boise, ID
  • Types/Uses: residential storage, moving, climate-controlled warehouse storage.
  • Sizes: 12'-16' Long by 8' Wide.
  • Typical Prices: $ 70-150 per month.
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